Where to find naturally dyed clothes in Singapore

With growing awareness of eco-friendly fashion, we are learning more about the use of natural dyes in fashion textile. Keen to know where to find naturally dyed clothes in Singapore, we browsed around for designers or brands that have been working with natural dyes. Earlier this week, La Tierra pop-up caught our attention, as IContinue reading “Where to find naturally dyed clothes in Singapore”

How can you get the hairstylist to give you a good haircut?

You visit a new hairstylist, strongly recommended by your best friend. You are welcomed into the salon and escorted to the styling chair where you are met by the artist who you are hoping will be able to give you that special cut that will make you look different, feel good and always makes youContinue reading “How can you get the hairstylist to give you a good haircut?”

3 hairstyles for professional women

As a working woman, you do not have much time in the morning to think about doing different hair styles everyday. However, if you are looking to polish up your work look, styling your hair differently can help you add variety and break the monotony of wearing the same style everyday. Here are 3 hairContinue reading “3 hairstyles for professional women”

Bold, chic, polished and elegant image of Wallis Simpson

Madonna’s W.E releases sometime next month,  it is the story of Wallis Simpson and based on the reviews, the looks of  the fashion world’s most famous style icon’s  has been brilliantly recreated. “She may not have been the most beautiful woman in the world, but she could make up for it by being the best dressed” Anne Sebba.   That Woman: A life of Wallis Simpson, Duchess of Windsor by Anne Sebba (Weidenfeld and Nicolson)          …

Image & Me’s: Top 5 Styling Tips

In a recent collaboration with Inverted Edge, we were asked to list down our top 5 styling tips. Here is what we shared with them and share with all our clients who are looking to build their personal style. 1. Know your ‘ style personality’: We can’t insist on this enough. Your style personality is theContinue reading “Image & Me’s: Top 5 Styling Tips”

4 reasons to include trendy horizontal stripes into your wardrobe

Lately horizontal stripes are everywhere and it surely is very tempting to buy a top in colours that you love but then the horizontal stripes stare back at you and you give up the idea. It is common knowledge that horizontal stripes make you look wide and really who wants to look wide! Now, here are 4 reasons to stop running away from horizontal stripes and welcome them as a chic addition into your wardrobe.

10 things you should know about make-up

 1.      Applying foundation with a soft sponge works best, instead of using fingers or a brush which can leave streaks.  2.      You can only even out your skin tone with foundation and concealors, they will not make your frown lines or wrinkles disappear.  3.      Using an angle brush to fill in your eyebrows works better than eye brow pencil. It will blend the colour into your eyebrow…