10 things you should know about make-up

Below are 10 things you should know about make-up application. We compiled these based on our experience working with beauty products, make-artists and other talents in the beauty industry.

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  1. Applying foundation with a soft sponge works best, instead of using fingers or a brush which can leave streaks.
  2. You can only even out your skin tone with foundation and concealers, they will not make your frown lines or wrinkles disappear.
  3. Using an angle brush to fill in your eyebrows works better than eye brow pencil. It will blend the color into your eyebrows better.
  4. Knowing which eye shadow shade in a palette (light, medium or dark shade) goes where, to suit your eye shape, is more important than knowing which colors to apply.
  5. Wipe your mascara brush with a thick  tissue when it starts to get clumped up with mascara. This will prevent getting blobs of dried up mascara onto your lashes.
  6. Wash your brushes at least once every month with shampoo, cold water and conditioner. The conditioner helps to keep bristles soft. Let them dry naturally.
  7. All make-up products have a shelf life. If it has been lying unused for more than a year or two its probably time to bin it.
  8. Make-up sponge works better than Sponge 2
  9. Blusher brush works better than Blusher brush 2
  10. eye shadow brush works better than eye shadow applicator 2

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