3 hairstyles for professional women

As a working woman, you do not have much time in the morning to think about doing different hair styles everyday. However, if you are looking to polish up your work look, styling your hair differently can help you add variety and break the monotony of wearing the same style everyday.

Here are 3 hair updos that do not require too much time. Practice them a few times and you will be ready to create a different look to suit your professional image.

1. The Gibson Tuck

Gibson tuck - the freckled fox

2. Easier than it looks updo by thesmallthings blog. (Click the image for the tutorial).

Easier than it looks updo


3. French twist and pin updo like Heidi’s, by Hair Romance.



For more wonderful hair style ideas that are easy do, here is an ebook that we recommend.


Our image consultant’s tip:


Use bobby pins to secure any stray hair or fly aways. The correct way of using bobby pins is to face the grooved side down and the straight side up. The grooves are designed to hold hair in place.

Have a great hair day everyday.