Image & Me’s: Top 5 Styling Tips

Style Makeover

In a recent collaboration with Inverted Edge, we were asked to list down our top 5 styling tips.

Here is what we shared with them and share with all our clients who are looking to build their personal style.

1. Know your ‘ style personality’: We can’t insist on this enough. Your style personality is the style that you are most comfortable and confident with. The key to recognizing your style personality is being able to articulate what you think is stylish. What are the design details you like, do you prefer structured shapes or unstructured looks, do you like patterns and prints and if you do then how much are you comfortable with ? How many accessories are you happy to wear and what kind – classic pieces or statement necklaces or accessories made out of unconventional materials? Build your style vocabulary by answering these questions and it will help you build your personal style.

2. Build your wardrobe with quality items or the best you can afford. Cheap fabrics and fast fashion only lasts for so long and in the long run you end up spending more money buying cheap clothes versus investing in quality items.

3. Use accessories to convey your unique personality. Accessories can be great conversation starters and also if you use them cleverly, you change your look to suit the occasion.

4. Don’t leave home without at least  basic make-up if you have bothered to dress up. Make-up completes your look and even just a dash of color on the cheeks and lips can make you look groomed and brighten you up.

5. Finally, Image and Me shopping advise, before you buy something think about how may times you can see yourself wearing it, if it’s just for a wedding or a birthday party, then it probably won’t be your smartest buy. An effective wardrobe is one where every item in your collection can be worn at any time with the right kind of accessories to suit the formality level.

For the complete article and pictures of our client’s style makeover with the help of Inverted Edge, please click here. While you are there, don’t forget to shop their trendy collection.

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