Complete Style Makeover

Complete Style Makeover
Complete style makeover

“I want people to see the dress, but focus on the woman.”

Vera Wang

Are you unhappy with your current style? Do you wish you could have a style makeover that lasts?

A Complete Style Makeover goes beyond mere fashion advice. It is a comprehensive process that encompasses all aspects of your appearance, from clothing and accessories to grooming and personal presentation. We will work closely with you to create a customized plan that aligns with your goals and showcases your
unique personality.

Image & Me Complete Style Makeover is the ultimate experience, for those who want to totally redefine their personal and professional style.


  • Receive in-depth knowledge about building a wardrobe collection that only keeps getting better with time.
  • A totally redefined style that not only makes you feel great but you look like a million dollars too

How we do it:

Style consultants use tools and techniques to help you find the styles that are best for you.
  • Our professional image consultants use style & bodyline, face shape and colour analysis to get to know your body type and proportions to define the clothing styles, fabrics, make up and colours that are best for you.
  • We then go over your wardrobe to draw up a shopping needs list and an action plan to fill the gaps.
  • On the shopping trip that follows, our personal shopper will help to put all of the theory into practice.

What you get by the end of the session:

  • Personalised style and colour consultation that results in a set of rules which can be referred to in a personal style guide
  • Wardrobe management techniques and a functional wardrobe that works for all your lifestyle needs
  • Recommendations on accessories, make up looks and hair styles based on your face shape
  • Recommendations on suitable makeup products and hairstylist who can make your ideal hairstyle a reality

Image & Me is your partner in achieving a complete style makeover using style and bodyline analysis techniques to establish what works for you and why.