Where to find naturally dyed clothes in Singapore

With growing awareness of eco-friendly fashion, we are learning more about the use of natural dyes in fashion textile. Keen to know where to find naturally dyed clothes in Singapore, we browsed around for designers or brands that have been working with natural dyes. Earlier this week, La Tierra pop-up caught our attention, as I walked into the Design Orchard store.

Where to find naturally dyed clothes in Singapore

I was so excited to talk with Lulu, who is the beautiful lady behind the brand. She introduced La Tierra as an ethical fashion brand that uses natural dyes for eco-friendly fashion in Singapore.

By using different techniques, like Shibori, batik, clamping, eco printing and hand block printing, La Tierra creates wonderful designs on fabrics like silk and kala cotton (organic cotton). The lovely colors on these materials come from using dyes that are mainly made from organic waste like onion skin, pomegranate skin, lac, madder, myrobalan and natural indigo.

Here are some of the designs we absolutely loved and you can find them on their website.

More on natural dyes:

‘Natural dyes are derived from naturally occurring sources like plants, insects, animals, and minerals. Due to its natural origin, biodegradable nature and little or no chemical reactions in dye preparation, it has minimal impact on the environment, and disposing them does not create pollution.’ 1

Since the use phase of garments has a significant impact on its carbon footprint, we wanted to find out from Lulu, how customers can take care of these beautiful garments to prolong their longevity and maintain the color fastness of these natural dyes?

An easy care tip she recommends is to gently handwash the garments with pH neutral soap or shampoo and then hang them to dry.

Lulu shares more about La Tierra and the processes involved in designing, here and on IG @latierrasg.

Ask us more about how to style these outfits for your personal style and build a long lasting wardrobe.

Source: 1 (Affat, Sajda. (2021). Classifications, Advantages, Disadvantages, Toxicity Effects of Natural and Synthetic Dyes: A review.8. 130-135.)

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