How to find the perfect dress?

Find the dress for your shape

First, what is a perfect dress?

According to a survey conducted by Debenhams, this is what the perfect dress would look like.

Elements of this perfect dress: Capped sleeves, conservative neckline, right length, high quality stretchable fabric and is machine washable

                                                    Find the dress for your shape

We think in the right stretchable fabric this dress can definitely work for most of us. (But there are possibilities that it might not be the answer for each and every body shape.)

Your perfect dress or the combination of skirt and top is the one that:

1. Is the best representation of your personal style

2. Is in the right shade of colour to best suit your shape, with lighter colours on parts you want to bring focus to and darker colours on parts you want to camouflage

3. Is suitable for most occassions ( the perfect dress most often than not comes with a heavy price tag, so ensuring that the style is classic and you can get as much wear out of it as possible, makes it worth it)

4. Has the design elements that give you a balanced, hourglass figure

In the same Debenhams survey, 98 per cent women agreed that “the perfect dress” is extremely difficult to find. So seems like the problem is universal.

But instead of being disheartened, here are your alternatives.

Buy a dress if 90% of the design elements are suited to your shape

Try skirt and top option to assemble the look that best suits your shape, especially for women with heavier bottom half, it is challenging to find a dress that comes close to being perfect.

If you are not the type to make compromises, then you may want to find out exactly which styles work for you (right neckline, right sleeve length, right waist placement, right length of skirt, right style of skirt, right colour, right fabric )and get your “Perfect Dress” tailored.

Happy reading.