Bold, chic, polished and elegant image of Wallis Simpson

Personal Style of a Fashion Icon
She may not have been the most beautiful woman in the world, but she could make up for it by being the best dressed

That Woman: A life of Wallis Simpson, Duchess of Windsor by Anne Sebba (Weidenfeld and Nicolson)

Classic style like Wallis Simpson wallis in blue

“I began with my own personal ideas about style and I’ve never again felt correct in anything but the severe look I developed then,” Simpson told her friend Fleur Cowles, the magazine editor and society hostess, in an interview for Bazaar in 1966. That pared-down, urban elegance of her early days remained her style until her death in 1986.

Wallis understood her personal style and was able to consistently express it through her visual image whether it was at a formal event or holidaying in the French riviera.

Elements of Wallis Simpson’s stylish image

1. Always polished

2. Elegant and chic, even when casual. She was never known to be too relaxed or casual in her look, wearing even just a breton striped top and capri pants, always was immaculate.

How to be stylish like Wallis Simpson

3. By adding to her no-fuss looks, the quirkiness of brooches, bold leaf patterns and fun  patterns like climbing lobsters and wool-embroidered monkeys, Wallis managed to always display her bold wit and sense of fun.

Lessons to learn from this fashion icon’s style

1. Understand the characteristics of your personal style well. Give yourself the vocabulary by defining what you consider stylish

2. Eliminate elements in your wardrobe that are distracting you away from your desired image. If you are unsure about any item in your wardrobe, its probably because your style personality is conflicting with it. It should an item that you can put in the donate pile.

3. Once you find a clothing style or a look that truly defines who you are, then do not be afraid to experiment and have fun.

4. Slowly build up from your current style to carefully craft a personal style that is unmistakably YOU.

Make style statement like Wallis Simpson

5. Make an impression with a statement jewelry. Shop for one of a kind vintage pieces at Saartizabo or fun dramatic pieces at What Women Want. 

Building your style personality  does not happen in a day but knowing exactly what kind of image you want and by focusing on achieving it, will eventually get you there and have fun while doing it.

Happy reading

By Maninder Krishnan