What to pack for a stylish resort holiday?

Part of the fun of a resort holiday is to spend time style spotting. Seemingly effortless but thoughtfully planned looks are an inspiration. There were many chic looks to be admired while on our recent Phuket trip, here are 3 of them to help you pack for a stylish resort holiday. Why we loved thisContinue reading “What to pack for a stylish resort holiday?”

How to check for ‘quality’ when shopping for clothes?

Market research studies show that fashion shoppers in Southeast Asia prioritize quality and durability of fabric over price and even sustainability . Given the long queues outside fast fashion stores and the growing online business of fast fashion brands, this study got us thinking how consumers were assessing quality of apparels when shopping. It wasContinue reading “How to check for ‘quality’ when shopping for clothes?”

Bold, chic, polished and elegant image of Wallis Simpson

Madonna’s W.E releases sometime next month,  it is the story of Wallis Simpson and based on the reviews, the looks of  the fashion world’s most famous style icon’s  has been brilliantly recreated. “She may not have been the most beautiful woman in the world, but she could make up for it by being the best dressed” Anne Sebba.   That Woman: A life of Wallis Simpson, Duchess of Windsor by Anne Sebba (Weidenfeld and Nicolson)          …