4 reasons to include trendy horizontal stripes into your wardrobe

Lately horizontal stripes are everywhere and it surely is very tempting to buy a top in colours that you love but then the horizontal stripes stare back at you and you give up the idea. It is common knowledge that horizontal stripes make you look wide and really who wants to look wide!

Now, here are 4 reasons to stop running away from horizontal stripes and welcome them as a chic addition into your wardrobe.

1.Widely spaced horizontal lines, definitely make you look wider  and hence fat, but thin horizontal lines close together create an elongating effect, making you appear taller and slimmer.

Vama red dress with stripes

2. Use the widening effect to your advantage. If your shoulders are narrower than your hips, create balance by wearing the horizontal stripes on the upper half of your body. Find dresses or tops that strategically place the wide horizontal stripes on your shoulders.

wide stripes on top

3. If your hips are narrower than your shoulders, create balance by placing horizontal stripes on the lower half.

horizontal stripe on lower half of body

4. Wearing horizontal stripes in low contrast colours has less obvious widening effect than colours in sharp contrast.For eg: replace black and stripes with colours that are closer to each other.

low contrast stripes

So, take the horizontal stripes in your stride.

Till the next one.