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Discover How to Feel Comfortable & Well Put Together

From style makeover to personal shopping and wardrobe organisation advice, we ensure that you have all the guidance you need to communicate your authentic self.

Image & Me image consultant will guide you in defining your personal style — starting with a detailed style questionnaire and using Image & Me Style Guide. You receive the tools and guidance that help identify what clothing styles make you look and feel well put together.

Hire an Image Consultant and discover the ‘New You’

  • Your best colours for formal and informal clothes, accessories, and make-up
  • The best hair style, hats, eye wear, handbags, shoes and jewelry
  • Know the best patterns, prints, and accessories for the scale of your body
  • If you know your best colours you can save time and money

Shop quicker and more effectively

  • Never buy an unflattering garment again
  • Complement your lifestyle

Learn how to coordinate your wardrobe to suit your lifestyle and fashion

  • Choose the clothing styles – lengths, cuts, patterns and fabrics that complement you most

Do Men Need An Image Consultant?

Do this test – count all the items in your wardrobe including shoes, ties, belts etc. Let’s say a man has 100 items, and let’s say the average cost of an item in men’s wardrobe is $100. That means, this man will have $10,000 worth of clothes in his wardrobe. Most men only wear 20% of what is in their wardrobe on a regular basis – the other 80% is wasted. That could mean $8,000 wasted. Most men replace their clothes every 7 years and many men spend 10% of their income on clothes – all of the waste adds up over a lifetime.


Based on our experience, most men have lots of work clothes but not many options that work for smart casual or even the weekend.

At Image & Me, we can help men achieve the following outcomes:

  • Let our image consultant help you to organize your wardrobe, highlight the most effective colour, fabric and pattern combinations and advise you on business, business casual and casual wear so you always look your best. Find out more about our wardrobe review service for men.
  • Whatever the formality level, Image & Me can help you by taking an overall view of your lifestyle needs, your aspirations and your budget. Through this, and with you, creating your unique, fashionable, and attractive personal style.

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