Style & Bodyline Analysis

“Always have fun with fashion”

Betsey Johnson

Each one of us has different body shape but with the help of some illusionary effects of different clothing styles, cuts and fabrics we can highlight the best of what we have. We have all had a favorite piece of clothing or outfit that we look great in, and have tried to buy similar things thinking that we know what suits us, only to find that it does not have the same effect.

Doing any style consultation with our image consultant gives you the insight into why some things look great on you and others don’t.


  • Save thousands of dollars on clothes you don’t wear
  • Shop effectively, buy more clothes that you love to wear
  • Receive practical solutions to your style dilemmas
  • Gain clarity on clothing design details that work best for you and find out why
  • Learn about fabrics types and quality to match your wardrobe needs
  • In-depth style assessment and advice to dress right for your lifestyle today and in the future

What you get:

As part of all our services we conduct the style and bodyline analysis and it includes:

  • A personalized style guide
  • Style formulas that work
  • Clear set of instructions to build an impressive personal style

How we do it:

  • We start by knowing your personal style preferences – your style personality
  • Followed by an analysis of your body shape, proportions and face shape
  •  We determine combinations of clothing styles, cuts, fabrics and hairstyles that will help to build your desired personal and professional image.

Change your wardrobe from a source of daily frustration to a user-friendly and coordinated selection of clothes ready to take you anywhere at any time.

The success of style and bodyline analysis is when you feel that your style showcases your unique personality, letting you be who you want to be.