A guide to help when shopping for men’s trousers

Guide to help when shopping for trousers

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How long you wear your trousers, is a matter of personal style preference totally. For those in slightly more creative field or following very casual level of dressing formality at work, wearing your trousers 4 inches above your shoe can be your personal style statement. For those in the more conservative or traditional industry, following business formal or business casual dressing, wearing the trouser at the right length is important for an overall balanced look. Here is a guide to help when shopping for trousers.

Cuffed trousers: or turn-ups, mostly seen as part of a suit, should have a straight hem and should be long enough to sit on your shoe without a break. The cuff works better on tall men. The thing to note is that cuffs, because of the fold, can create bulk in a heavier fabric. Avoid cuffs on heavier material trousers, if you are hoping to create the appearance of length. The right width of the cuff is ideally between 1.5 inches to 2 inches wide. 

Current trend in trouser styles, the hem sits slightly higher above the ankle and the trousers have a narrow fit. This look is trendy and sharp if the smart casual formality level works for you. 

appropriate length for cuffed trousers

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Uncuffed trousers: should be long enough to make a small break in the front crease. The hem line is sloped, longer at the back, to reveal only an inch above the shoe sole.

Appropriate length for uncuffed trousers

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Jeans: have the casual formality level that can be played around with. To elongate the appearance of the leg, a length that sits just at the top of the shoe are best. This length can also be created by folding the bottom; however, the lighter shade of the fold then works to create the opposite effect, i.e., shortens the leg length visually. Skinny fit jeans have a narrow leg where the hem sits in a few gathers around the ankle, working well for the skinny shape. Below we showcase Nudie Jeans, click through to their site to read up on their sustainability approach as well, which is so inspiring.

Appropriate length for jeans

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Chinos or Khakis: Also known as America’s official trouser, several men opt for chinos for the business casual look. (What’s the difference between chinos and khakis? Chinos are a pair of pants and Khaki is the colour.)

The right length would be long enough to end in a few breaks above the shoe and should never show your socks when standing. Do keep in mind, chinos tend to give a very relaxed look and might not be suitable for formal business settings.

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Length for chino or Khaki trousers

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Choosing the proper length and styles can help you visually create length or width, so do give your trousers a proper break.

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