What is your style?

Romantic style for men

What is your style?

Posted by imageandme in Style For Men 11 Oct 2013

Since women have so many dressing options, we all know that they can be one of the 5 style personalities.

And it does work the same for men’s style as well. They might only have shirts, t-shirts and different styles of trousers to choose from, they still fall into 4 main style personalities.

The male style personalities, more often than not, differentiate from one another, based on how they accessorise, use colour and their comfort level with trying different styles.

Have a look

The Classic dresser. Characteristics: Traditional and timeless style. A formal looking shirt and trouser can take him through all activities in his day and even over the weekend. Accessories include classic watch, ties and good quality shoes. Wears more neutral colours – black, grey, white, beige.

Brands: Massimo Dutti, Boss, Emporio Armani, Burberry, Agnes B


The Natural dresser. Characteristics: Comfortable, relaxed approach to dressing. More open to using accessories, for eg: belts in different colours, one or 2 different styles of bags and shoes.

Brands : Diesel, Timberland, Banana republic, Prada


The Romantic dresser. Characteristics: Loves to experiment with colours, fabrics, accessories and is not afraid to show his flair of putting it all together. You will find shoes in many colours and styles, hats and sunglasses in a romantic dresser’s wardrobe.

Brands: Cavalli, Versace, Kenzo, Mango

Romantic style for men

The Dramatic dresser. Characteristics: Loves to play with exaggerated styles, colours, patterns, prints and accessories like bracelets, scarves, oversize glasses, frequent change in haircuts, constitutes this flamboyant style.

Brands: Dolce and Gabbana, Dsquared, John Galliano, Yohji Yamamoto

Dramatic personal style

Knowing your style personality helps you make more informed choices and at the same time you can build an effective, versatile wardrobe that matches your image.

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