May 2011


4 reasons to include trendy horizontal stripes into your wardrobe

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Lately horizontal stripes are everywhere and it surely is very tempting to buy a top in colours that you love but then the horizontal stripes stare back at you and you give up the idea. It is common knowledge that horizontal stripes make you look wide and really who wants to look wide! Now, here are 4 reasons to stop running away from horizontal stripes and welcome them as a chic addition into your wardrobe.

10 things you should know about make-up

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 1.      Applying foundation with a soft sponge works best, instead of using fingers or a brush which can leave streaks.  2.      You can only even out your skin tone with foundation and concealors, they will not make your frown lines or wrinkles disappear.  3.      Using an angle brush to fill in your eyebrows works better than eye brow pencil. It will blend the colour into your eyebrow…