The colour blocking trend- How to flatter your figure

How to Colour Block

The colour blocking trend- How to flatter your figure

Posted by imageandme in Style For Women 22 Oct 2013

The colour blocking trend is trend is ongoing. Does it work for you and if so what is the best way to use it to make sure you do it right and flatter your figure like Kate Winslet wearing this Stella McCartney colour block dress.


The black and white combination, camouflages her silhouette to make it look curvy. Since lighter colours advance and darker colours recede, the dark panels framing the white bring the focus to a curvy figure.

Use colour blocking to suit your figure

For wide hips, take a cue from J Lo’s outfit – bright on top, dark at the bottom. This combination brings attention to the upper half and the darker bottom gives a slim appearance to her hips.

How to wear colour block trend?

For wide shoulders and narrow hips, wear dark on the upper half and brighter or lighter at the bottom.

How to colour block for your body shape

To suit a tall figure, a block of colour at the bottom half brings the attention downwards to balance out your tall figure.

Colour block for your body shape

To highlight your waist, wear an eye catching colour on your waist.

Diane Kruger in a colour block dress

Use colour blocking to highlight the best and camouflage the rest. Adopt this trend and have fun.

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By Maninder Krishnan