How to match earrings to your face shape?

Face shape and matching earrings

How to match earrings to your face shape?

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To create an overall balance of shape and visual image, match the shape of your accessories to compliment your face shape.

Below are tips on how to do it:

Oval– widest at the temple and softly curved jawline. Suits all shapes of earrings.

Oval beyonce


Oblong-temple and jaw similar in width with straight sides. To balance the length wear short, wide earring shapes



Round– similar length and width with contoured outline. Long earrings create length to balance the shape.

round face shape


Heart– widest at the cheekbones with narrower chin. Balance the shape with earrings that are short and wide at the base.

heart christina ricci


Pear– widest at the jawline. Long, slimmer earrings with emphasis on the tear drop is a suitable earring style.

jennifer aniston pear


Square– similar length and width with angular outline. To create balance add length with long, slim earrings.

Paris hilton- square


Triangle– widest at the temple with narrow chin. This face shape needs short and wide earrings with angular edges.

naomi campbell -triangle


Use this easy guide to create balance and proportion with accessories to suit your face shape.

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Still confused about your face shape, email us a photo of yourself, looking straight on into the camera and we will help you determine your face shape.

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Our image consultant’s tip: Accessories are your way to showcase your personality, make sure your accessories make a statement.