3 ways to update distressed denim for fashion trend in 2024

Update your wardrobe

Like it is being said, the most sustainable garment is the one in your wardrobe. The distressed denim trend might be phasing out but there is always a sustainable solution to stay up to date.
Denim is notorious for its environmental impact due to high water consumption, energy use and water pollution. Finding ways to update the existing denim already in your wardrobe, is the best sustainable solution. Here are 3 ways you can do it.

After all, the beauty of denim jeans is that it can be personalized for your style in so many ways.

Style and denim fashion trend in 2024
Style and denim fashion trend in 2024
Sustainable update for denim fashion trend in 2024

The denim fascination is on the rise and definitely deserves a more detailed blog post. We are on the hunt for brands that are making the effort to address denim’s sustainability issues. Stay tuned.