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Style ideas from the red carpet 2015

Posted by imageandme in Style For Women

The awards season is always exciting, especially for the new trends that emerge on the red carpet. Because we look for those little details that can help you enhance your style, here are the trends that especially caught our attention: 1. Ear cuffs: The trend started a couple of years ago and continues on the red carpet this year. Seen on many, but we loved Emma Stone ( and we love her anyway) the best, as she showed off the accessories with her hair tucked neatly back in a ponytail. For an interesting selection of Ear cuffs to buy, shop here.   2. Necklines: We are all about practical style and a functional wardrobe. So, although plunging necklines were popular and are great for a party look, we like the sheer illusion neckline on Keira Knightley’s dress, a variation that can be worn easily to suit our everyday non-celebrity lifestyle 😉   3. Non traditional french manicures: Camila Alves gave a spin to the French manicure. For a more non traditional french manicure look, combine the negative space nail trend with the French manicure.   4. Hair Braids: Effortless hair ! We all want that. This hair trend suits us just fine if the only effort we need to put in…