Complete Personal Branding Program for Executives

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“All of us need to understand the importance of branding. We are CEOs of our own companies: Me Inc. To be in business today, our most important job is to be head marketer for the brand called You.” – Tom Peters in Fast Company


Personal branding is the process of communicating what makes you different and using those qualities to guide your career. Be in charge of managing your own career. Personal branding is for professionals who want to understand their unique value and how it can be maximized for personal success and the success of their company.

If you lack the time, skills or energy to juggle your ever-increasing professional responsibilities with your professional image, then our image consultants are here for you.  Image and me offers busy professionals an assessment of their current image, guidance and practical solutions to help them make the most of their personal image.  This includes aligning personal impact with professional skills and the management of all non-verbal communication.

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Image & Me Image Consultant will help you to:

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  • Align your visual appearance with your image goals
  • Understand the impact of non-verbal communication
  • Make informed clothing purchases
  • Represent the best version of you
  • Create a powerful and lasting impression


Image & Me’s in-depth and highly personalized consultation includes:

Extract phase: Unearthing your unique promise of value

Whether you are a CEO, team leader or entrepreneur you need to discover your unique promise of value. You must understand and articulate what makes you exceptional and compelling to build a strong personal brand that will catapult you towards your goals. Gain clarity on the key components of your brand that will enable you to deliver unique value.

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  • VPs of Brand You (Vision, purpose, values and passions)
  • Identifying goals and motivated skills
  • Identifying your brand community
  • Assessing your competitive differentiation
  • Developing your Personal Brand Statement


Using tools from the personal branding tool kit, in the extract phase you will define your personal brand, positioning you to increase visibility among your target audience and key influencers.

Express phase : Communicating your brand

Your brand is most valuable when it is known by your target audience. As you go down the path of building your brand, the story of ‘brand you’ will become a powerful communication tool. In the express phase you will design a way to communicate your brand story compellingly, by practicing the 3Cs- clarity, consistency and constancy, both online and off-line.

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  • Finding, telling and analyzing the Story of brand you
  • Crafting your Brand bio (weaving in Leadership and EQ stories, Interests and Personal social responsibility)
  • Building your communication tools and media plan


In the express phase, craft engaging stories of the “Brand called you” and develop a plan that will help you promote it. A good communication strategy is the basis of creating brand awareness and building brand velocity.

Exude phase: Manage your brand environment

In the exude phase, you will identify your brand environment and develop ideas to ensure that it is congruent with your personal brand. Align your visual appearance, office environment and brand identity system to grow your Personal brand.

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  • Identify and enhance your personal style to build an impactful professional and personal image
  • Identify ways to build and grow your brand online
  • Prepare a plan to build and nurture your professional network
  • Align your office environment and construct a brand identity system to exude your personal brand


Strong brands ensure that everything they do and all that surrounds them is aligned with their personal brand to drive their brand message forward.

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