Tips to Rock the Palazzo

How to wear palazzo pants

Tips to Rock the Palazzo

Posted by imageandme in Style For Women 28 Oct 2013

During my last shopping trip for a client, I was glad to see the palazzo trouser style in quite a few stores around Singapore, as I knew it would suit my client’s curvy and tall figure best.

Does the Palazzo work for your shape and how can you wear to achieve that chic 70’s stylish silhouette?

Below is the guide to how you can rock the Palazzo. Before that, let’s see the difference between wide leg pants and palazzo pant

Wide Leg Pants vs Palazzo

Style tips to wear a palazzo Style tips to wear palazzo

Wide leg pants are relatively more fitted at the waist, straight through the hips and widen at the hem. Whereas, the Palazzo pants, start to flare from the waist in an a-line shape down the leg and at the hem they are really wide, so that sometimes they can look like a long skirt.

3 tips to rock the Palazzo:

How to wear palazzo pants

1. Since the width of the leg of a Palazzo is quite wide, it definitely works best with heels and always with wide heels or wedges than slim ones.

2. If the lower half of your body is shorter than the upper half, then try slightly high waisted Palazzos. But do keep in mind your bust size because high waist does not work very well with a heavy bust.

3.Give some thought to the fabric. The Palazzo in a soft fabric will drape along your body much better giving you a slimmer silhouette than one that is made from a stiffer fabric that stands away from your body.

Example shown below:

Do this instead of this

How to wear palazzo pants A wide leg palazzo

4. If you are loving the printed Palazzos, go for the prints that are vertical, so that it balances the width of the fabric and creates leg length.

Do this instead of this

A palazzo with vertical line a horizontal stripe palazzo

For more style inspirations on how to put the look together, do visit our Palazzo pinterest board here.

Rock the Palazzo in style.