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Style difference: Understanding style in two fashion capitals

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While both French and Milanese women are known for their sense of fashion, there is a distinct difference in their looks. We would like to share this little write up we found in a Conde Nast Traveller dress code etiquette series: ‘A TALE OF TWO CITIES Can anyone really not call Paris and Milan the fashion capitals of the world? After all, one is home to Chanel and Dior, the other to Prada and Armani. But how can you tell your Milanese hipster from your Parisian sylph? We asked Scott Schuman, the mastermind behind the popular fashion blog The Sartorialist, for some clues (his book,The Sartorialist, was released in August) Milan Hair should be up. “The Milanese girl wears whatever’s on trend in a sexy, overt way. She doesn’t do anything vintage or sporty.” Must be a colorful print. “The overall effect is resilient and formal. She’s not one to mess around.” “Milanese girls’ style is set: all Italian, all big brands, all off the runway. She loves D&G. Prada’s too intellectual, Marni’s too quirky.” Skin should be tanned. “Shoes must be high to show off her legs.” Paris Hair must be mussed. “Unlike the Milanese girl, she’s not brand obsessed:…