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Style how to: Leopard print trend

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Leopard Print !! Many of us would shy away from it. And why not, this animal print, once upon a time was associated with ‘trashy’. However, this season, its in trend and with many celebs rocking it, we think there ought to be some ways to incorporate the leopard print ( or any animal print ) into your wardrobe. 5 ideas to start wearing Leopard print: 1.Wear it as a casual cami, the lightness of the fabric and the style makes the print easy on the eyes and doesn’t feel overwhelming on your frame. 2. Self print, keep it subtle like the top below. 3. Size matters. Smaller print doesn’t shout for attention. 4. Keep it modern by choosing the print in fun colours like pink or blue (or both ;)) 5. If you are not yet inspired to wear the animal print as an entire piece of clothing, how about including it in your outfit as an accessory. Key style tip to remember, since this pattern is quite busy, match it with a plain outfit to make sure its not entirely lost in a combination of patterns and textures. All of the above pictures are linked to sites where…

How to: wear a striped top

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Coco Chanel, Audrey Hepburn, Audrey Tautou they all had it and why not. Its a classic staple to be found in every style savvy woman’s wardrobe collection. If you have been giving the stripes a miss because you think its going to make you look wide, big and fat. Well we would like to bust this myth once again that not all horizontal stripes are the same and some actually do make you look slimmer and create an illusion of length. Post coming up on this soon. Take cues from these looks to start incorporating the stripes into your wardrobe. 1. Wear stripes with shorts for a casual chic look: 2. Wear stripes with a long skirt for the bohemian chic look: 3. Stripes with denim works all the time, so why stop at pairing it with just blue denim. 4. Pair striped top with a jacket for a smart casual look, like Kate Middleton 4. Combine stripes with patterns for a bold combination like Heidi Hope these style suggestions have given you some stylish ideas.

How to care for your clothes?

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by Maninder krishnan       Suits: storing in suit bags protects it from insects and dust. Hang dry-cleaned suits on proper wooden hangers rather than wire hangers. Brushing regularly to remove lint will keep the moths away.