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5 things to note about ties

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Ties, the accessory that catches the eye first. Ties take your style up a notch or two and if you are out to make a style statement, make sure you include this key accessory as part of your ensemble. A tie looks great when… 1. It is the right width. What is the right width ? The one that is proportionate with your suit lapel and your body type. The right width would be one that is equal at its widest part to the widest part of your jacket lapel. Now, we know that tie and lapel widths change with fashion, hence choose a style that best suits your body type without looking outdated (we mean avoid those really wide or terribly skinny versions !). A smaller to average body frame size suits lapels in slim or medium width while someone who has large body frame will look best in widths that are between medium to slightly wider. ( Stay within the 8.4 cm width range and you’ll be fine ) 2. You tie a perfect knot. The tie knot should sit perfectly between the collar spread without being too big that it causes the collar to spread apart or too…

Men’s Style: Better shorts guide

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If shorts are a preferred article of clothing for casual wear in Singapore, then men have to make sure that they find styles , fit and lengths that look good and fit well. Here is a guide we found online:   Our image consultant’s tip: It may be hard to think of anything else but the comfy cargo shorts for relaxed casual look, but its important to think about how it suits your body type. To sum it up in these words of Alan Flusser, the author of Dressing the Man, ‘ Proportion is the foundation of all classic dressing. The truly stylish man knows enough about the rules to know how and when to break them.’

How to care for your clothes?

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by Maninder krishnan       Suits: storing in suit bags protects it from insects and dust. Hang dry-cleaned suits on proper wooden hangers rather than wire hangers. Brushing regularly to remove lint will keep the moths away.