How to wear blue in 2014, style update for men

Style update for men: 5 different ways to wear blue in 2014

Posted by imageandme in Corporate Style, Style For Men 27 Jan 2014

Every man has at least two to three shades of blue in his wardrobe. While navy blue is an obvious choice for suits and trousers, light blue is an easy colour to pick for shirts.

Since blue is such a favorite and the colour for spring-summer 2014, we give you 5 new ways of incorporating blue into your wardrobe to update your collection:

1. Try a different shade of blue instead of the plain navy. The intensity of a medium shade of blue is same as of light grey and hence carries the same formality level. Combine with a pale blue shirt and a dark navy tie and you are dressed to project a professional image that is approachable and friendly.

Style update for men in 2014Wearing blue in 2014, style update for men


2. Go for patterns instead of plains: Plain navy is a no brainer. Make a bold statement and include a navy suit/ trouser with windowpane or stripes into your collection.

Blue windowpane suit 2Navy suit with chalk stripes


3. Try different colour combinations: Experiment with colour combinations and match your blue suit or trouser with colours like beige, bold pink, olive green etc.

Blue colour combinations for men in 2014Matching blue and pink in 2014


4. Ditch the navy blazer: A navy blazer is a classic piece to have in your wardrobe. But update this classic option to a trendier version. While just changing the colour of the blazer from navy to lighter shade of blue can make a big difference, details like patterned under collars, patterned jacket fabrics up the style quotient even further.

How to wear a blue summer jacket 2014How to wear a blue sports jacket in 2014


In Singapore there are not many occasions to wear jackets and suits might not be needed for the formality level of dressing at your work place, but do use the above visuals as a guide to try out ideas for just shirts and trousers as well.

Let your creativity flow. Get more style ideas on this Pinterest board.

Happy styling.