Style tip for men: How to care for your expensive suits

Caring for your suit

Style tip for men: How to care for your expensive suits

Posted by imageandme in Corporate Style, Style For Men 14 Mar 2014

You have invested in an expensive suit, there are a few tools and tips that you can keep in mind to add longevity to your suit’s life.

Hanging device, the right hanger preserves the shape of the suit. The hanger should mimic one’s shoulder profile, which preserves the shape of the tailored collar and drape. The shoulders of the hanger should have a generous thickness, to ensure that jacket shoulders maintain their shape, and a strong metal hook. While hanging suits should be a few inches apart to reduce squashing it out of shape.

How to care for your suit

Cleaning device, the bristle brush is a great friend of the suit, helps to remove stuff that clings on to the fabric. Besides the bristle brush, the lint remover is a quick solution to visible fluff, pet hair and dandruff. Essential tools to have in your wardrobe.

How to care for your suit lint remover

If you stain your suit , its best to blot any stain as soon as possible. Avoid rubbing the stain as it will damage the fibers of the fabric. Try getting the suit spot cleaned first, if its a superficial stain and has not set into the fabric.

When stored, use suit bags. The bag protects it from dust, insects and from fading. The moth larvae that are invisible to the eye, can cause damage to your wool suits, as they feed on keratin, the natural protein found in the wool. Dry-cleaning before storing will get rid of these moths and the eggs.

Our Image consultant’s tip: Dry clean your suits only if its absolutely necessary. Invest in a clothes steamer that can be used for removing creases in between wears.

Don’t forget to rotate your suits between wears, this helps it to relax and restores its shape. A crease free outfit in good condition always projects an effective and professional image.