Style inspiration for the nerd-hipster


Style inspiration for the nerd-hipster

Posted by imageandme in Style For Men 12 Mar 2014

First, who are our ‘nerd-hipsters’?? Well that would be all those executives in the technology start-up companies who are aware that their visual image is a part of their personal brand and hence are interested in refining their personal style.

In Singapore, most work places have a relaxed formality level of clothing, especially technology companies and if you are working at an IT company, most probably you seldom have to wear suits and ties. The wardrobe of an IT executive then ends up having chinos, jeans and polo t-shirts. So here is our style inspiration for these guys from the recent movie ‘ Her’ and its geekily charming lead played by Joaquin Phoenix.

The story of ‘Her’ is set in the near future and the costumes are retro-futuristic. The colour combinations, the design details all work together to create a look that is very cool .

The highlights of the look:

1. The most noticeable style detail in this film’s costumes were the high-waisted pants that have since become very popular. High waist combined with a tailored slim leg gives a very modern twist on the retro high-waisted pants. Adopt this trend if you have a average to long upper body.

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2. Coloured shirts with no collars or short collars: Find out which colours suit your skin tone, hair colour and eye colour best and incorporate these into your collection. In the movie Joaquin’s red and pink shirts work really well with his complexion, eyes and hair colour. Further, pick a collar style that you know works well for your face shape and personalise the design details (collar styles, type and placement of buttons etc.)

Style tips for men in singapore HER-FP-0833.JPG

3. Oversized glasses and other accessories: The look is styled without belts and ties and the key accessories are the Warby Parker glasses and the safety pin on the shirt pocket to hold the phone that adds quirk touch.

Style tips for men Safety pin pocket

As Joaquin said in an interview “We all use our clothes to identify ourselves, to wave our flag.”

Hope these style tips help you to wave your flag, sky high.

Our image consultant’s additional tip: Nowhere in the film does the character wear denim. Explore your natural fabric options for trousers and limit your denims to a saturday or a sunday.