Style guide: Which shoes to wear to work?

Shoes for work wear

Style guide: Which shoes to wear to work?

Posted by imageandme in Corporate Style, Style For Women 03 Apr 2014

Rules vary from office to office, so it is important to understand what kind of shoes match the formality level at your workplace and the professional image you want to project. Here is a guide.

1. Peep toe pump

Guide on shoes for office wear

Appropriate for all but the most formal of offices. If there is a confusion whether peep toes are appropriate or not for your office, closed toe pump in the right colours is the right option.

2. Slingback pump

Guide to shoes for office wear

With no toe exposure, this style works for every office and is a compromise between a pump and a sandal.

3.Heeled sandal

Shoes for corporate wear

A stylish heeled sandal that does not have too many straps is considered appropriate for most workplaces, especially in the creative industry, where dressing formality levels are relaxed.

4.Wedge sandal

Shoes for corporate wear

Following the same rules of formality as the heeled sandal, this style suits a casual work setting more. Classic wedges, like the ones above, are certainly more acceptable in a work environment than cork wedges. Keep your cork wedges for casual wear to match with dresses for a romantic, breezy look.

5.Flat sandals

Shoes to wear to work

A simple, elegant pair can work for certain casual workplaces but ideally, save your basic flats for after work.

What does not work at all – espadrilles, flat sandals with exaggerated ankle straps, flip flops (ladies, no matter how well you think they match your casual friday look, please avoid them) or evening heels!

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Its difficult to walk around in heels all day long, so do keep a spare pair of low heels or flats, definitely closed toe, for walking around the office. Line your shoes with ‘party feet’ gel cushions, they really do make shoes more comfortable.

What makes shoes comfortable

And don’t forget to get your nails painted for the peep toes.

Thanks for reading. Do let us know what passes of as appropriate or inappropriate for workwear in your view.