What is smart casual dressing for men?

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What is smart casual dressing for men?

Posted by imageandme in Style For Men 13 Oct 2013

Going by the queries we receive from our male clients, the ‘Smart casual’ is still the most elusive for most men.

We show you how to create wearable smart casual looks, like the trendsetters below, to help you start building your personal style.

1. Experiment with different trouser styles, like George Cortina. Leave formal work pants for workwear, there are several other options besides that and jeans, give those a try.

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2. Experiment with shirt details, like Milan Vukmirovic. While polo shirts are great (the ones without the corporate logos, I mean), why not try casual cotton shirts with some design details to add to your look.

Stylish men

3. Experiment with colours, like Nickelson Wooster. And please do experiment with colours. Maybe not pink if that’s too much to begin with but anything other than black, beige and brown. Try trousers in dark blue, bluish grey, light beige, olive green, cream…

Style for men

4. Experiment with accessories, like Lapo Elkann. Accessories are the best way to make your style different. The only rule is to pick accessories that you are most comfortable with.

Start with shoes for instance, if you are one of those guys who has only two pairs of shoes, black lace ups for work and Nike for running (which you also maybe wearing with jeans over the weekend !) then start looking for other styles, like loafers. There is no such shoe style that you can wear everywhere. You got to have at least 4 pairs, if not more, in styles that you can wear to work, wear with smart casual pants, wear with jeans and wear with tailored shorts.

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It is never too late to start enhancing your style to make it unique.

Thanks for reading.