Men’s style: Interesting info on grooming matters


Men’s style: Interesting info on grooming matters

Posted by imageandme in Corporate Style, Style For Men 13 Apr 2015

We love sharing advise and recommendations on clothes, shoes and accessories and whatever else that can help you look and feel your best at all times.

In this post, we want to share 3 interesting pins from Pinterest that will amuse you but at the same time will hopefully give you some dos and don’ts of personal image and style.

1. On shaving: Tips for a perfect shave.

The perfect shave

And if you are sporting a beard, this is an article you should not miss.

2. On facial hair: Is your moustache and beard look suitable for your workplace? Check it out here:


3. On perfumes: A friend once said, ‘They may not remember your name but they will always remember how you smell’.

Think its time to enhance your appeal in more than one sense? Click through from the image to learn about perfume for men.

perfume infograph

Enjoy and remember grooming matters :). For more ideas on how to create effective looks, follow us on Pinterest.