Men’s shoes: How many should you have?


Men’s shoes: How many should you have?

Posted by imageandme in Corporate Style, shopping tips in Singapore, Style For Men 20 Aug 2014

Men’s shoe styles are almost just as varied as women’s since there are different models to suit different occasions.

Do you have classic oxfords for business formals, loafers for smart casual, sneakers or sandals for casual wear?

The styles are varied and dress codes often need to be taken into consideration.

Shoes are the foundation of your look and to convey your sense of personal style, it is important that your shoe collection is not simply limited to two pairs, one for indoors and the other for outdoors !

The basic shoe wardrobe should include the following:

1 pair of business formal oxford lace-ups

Formal men's shoes

1 pair of business casual chestnut brown wing tips

Business casual shoes for men

1 pair of loafers, especially if you are required to take your shoes off when visiting asian homes and office ( like in taiwan). While these can be worn for business casual occasions, their level of fomality is less than formal.


1 pair of classic casual sneakers. A must have for every stylish guys wardrobe. Sneakers come in a range of colours, styles and materials and, just as a classic pair of jeans, are a personal style statement.

Casual sneakers

1 pair of sports shoes

1 pair of stylish slippers for the warm weather to pair with your shorts



Style rules for footwear:

  • Have at least 2 pairs of formal shoes – black and brown in leather
  • Good quality shoes are made of leather, top and bottom
  • Quality is reflected in shoes with soles stitched rather than glued
  • Allow shoes to breathe to retain original shape by alternating between pairs
  • Match the colour of the shoes to the belt
  • Wear black shoes with black trousers
  • Wear black, brown or oxblood coloured shoes with navy, grey trousers
  • If wearing a tux, make sure your black oxfords are polished to a perfect shine
  • Dark socks are more suitable for formal occasions, while lighter socks can be paired with summer suits


Our image consultant’s tip:

Stuff your shoes with newspaper to help absorb the moisture and get rid of any perspiration smell. Resole your leather soled shoes to make the original sole last longer and prevent slipping. Finally, shoes should fit from the moment you try them on and you should not have to ‘break them in’ to be comfortable.