Men’s professional image: common faux pas to avoid


Men’s professional image: common faux pas to avoid

Posted by imageandme in Corporate Style, Style For Men 16 Oct 2014

Business dressing for men is pretty straight forward, as most believe. Its all about a formal shirt, dress pants, a belt and formal shoes. While this is basically correct, there are however certain other subtle details that can project your image as a professional who is sharp and alert or sloppy and laid back.

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Here are common faux pas that you can avoid:

1. Suits, shirts or ties in polyester: Usually price is the factor why one would choose polyester over wool, cotton or silk. However, its best to choose quality over quantity, if you can. Its better to buy one trouser in wool or cotton blend than 3 polyester trousers. As for polyester ties, some may look good and but the downside includes difficulty to wash out stains and smells, knots that don’t hold well and the care needed when ironing.

2. Short sleeves shirt: Wearing it with a tie does not make it any better ( actually you never should). Business wear means shirts with long sleeves. If weather is your concern, then roll up your sleeves till just below your elbow.


3. Bulging pockets: While it just might be convenient and practical to stuff all of your keys, mobile phones and wallet into the pockets, the bulging pockets sag your trousers out of shape and destroy the sharp structured look of the professional image. More style solutions on this in a future post.

4. Worn-out shoes: By now we all know that work wear means shoes that are well polished. However, the condition of the shoes sometimes can escape the attention when we are stuck in the daily routine. If your shoes are not leather and you have only one pair for work, chances are they are showing signs of wear and tear that takes away from a well-put together appearance.

5. Tufts of fuzz: Just a shave is just not enough. Unsightly hair growing out of the nose or ears are distracting and should be removed to indicate your level of professionalism.

Small details add up to create the whole image. A clean clothing silhouette and a clean visual appearance is pleasing to the eye and almost always creates a good impression.