Make-up looks to try this party season

Make-up look for party season 2013

Make-up looks to try this party season

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Planning your look for the party season?

You might have given a lot of thought to what you would like to wear, here are some ideas of make-up looks that you can try to match the mood.

1. Try a glitter liner just above your black eyeliner to add some sparkle.

Gold glitter liner on the eyes Glitter liner on the eyes Glitter eye-make-up for party season


2. Try glitter eye shadow for a combination of smokey and sparkle. For a very bold statement, try glitter eye shadow with diamante eyelashes, like Katy Perry.

katy Perry make-up look for the party season

3. If glitter is not something you feel so comfortable with then go for a little sheen with , right at the corner of your eyes to make them brighter and lift the look to match your party outfit. See it here on Blake Lively and Olivia Wilde.

Blake-Lively-opens-her-eyes-with-a-white-iridescent-eyeshadow-in-the-inner-corner-of-the-eye-and-Glitter-Makeup-For-The-Every-Holidays olivia-wilde-blue-shimmery-eyeshadow


4. If heavy make-up does not work for your eyes, highlight your lips. Play it up by lightening up the eyes and adding a strong dark colour to the lips. This look works better for those with fuller lips. A strong lip colour in a maroon or deep red works both for women with dark or light hair colour. See it below like Camille Belle and Emma Stone. Shop in Singapore for gold glitter eye makeup and dark maroon lipstick at the Make-up Store in Paragon.

"Schiaparelli And Prada: Impossible Conversations" Costume Institute Gala Dark lips for party make-up


5. Whether you go for light lips or dark, nothing says glamour and chic like the final touch up with the lip gloss. See below how Jennifer Lopez and Gwyneth Paltrow do it. A word of advise on gloss – it works better if you don’t purse your lips after applying the gloss, might work with lipstick but not with gloss.

Glossy-Lips-Jennifer-Lopez make-up look of Gwyneth Paltrow


Hope the above ideas help you to design your look for the party season.

Coming up soon,some hairstyle ideas to wear to the party.

Happy styling xx