How to wear your t-shirt like a celebrity

How to wear your t-shirt like a celebrity

How to wear your t-shirt like a celebrity

Posted by imageandme in Style For Women 15 Mar 2014

T-shirts are a wardrobe essential. Every woman should have some in neutral colours. They are easy to match and throw on every time you need to run your daily chores. We all know how to pair them jeans and shorts so well that its what we do without thinking too much.

T-shirts however can be your wardrobe staple that can help you define your personal image if they are good quality and styled well.

Here are 5 different ways you can wear your t-shirt like a celebrity:

1. Glam it up like Alexa Chung, tucked into a sequin skirt that is long or short, which ever suits your body type.

5 ways to wear your t-shirt like a celebrity


2. A graphic tee styled with a printed full skirt worn like Poppy Delevingne. Roll up your sleeves, get a stylish modern twists and braids updo , put on your sexy heels and you are ready wear this look from morning to evening.

How to wear your t-shirt like a celebrity


3. Tuck it in like Olivia Wilde. There is no other way to wear a loose long t-shirt more stylishly than tucking it in casually rocker style. Show off the curves, without having a t-shirt clinging to you.




5. Pair up a fun graphic tee with formal pants, studded clutch and red hot heels to dress up for a smart casual look like Cara Delevingne (who wears Worn By squeeze this T-shirt)

How to wear t-shirt like a celebrity


While your rock your t-shirt, here are our image consultant’s tips on how not to wear your t-shirt:

Avoid t-shirts that cling to the areas where you don’t want too much attention.

Avoid t-shirts with company logos or sports logos.

Avoid pairing long t-shirts over long skirts.