How to wear a brooch like a celebrity

How to wear a brooch stylishly

How to wear a brooch like a celebrity

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In our last post we mentioned style icon Wallis Simpson’s stylish accessory – a statement brooch.

Everyone is doing the statement necklace or the statement ring. Differentiate your style and make a statement with a brooch.

Why not ! These celebrities are doing it and doing it really well.

Besides wearing a brooch on the lapel of a jacket or a plain top, here are some fun alternatives to use this jewelry in a trendy way:

1. Dress up the neckline of a top or a dress like Blake Lively who wears a whimsical brooch to suit her whimsical personal style.

How to wear a brooch like a celebrity

2. Glam up the back of a halter top or dress like Nicole Kidman did in this creative way.

How to wear a brooch like Nicole Kidman

3. We really love the way Anne Faris adds an interesting brooch detail at the back of the dress, creating a trendy outfit.How to wear a brooch- style ideas

4. With some color and texture, Sarah Jessica adds fun to her chic style, in this combination.

Style tips from Sarah Jessica Parker

5. This party season, whether you are going for simple elegance or a glamorous look, try incorporating a brooch into your hairstyle.

Brooch in the hair 2

Brooch as a hair accessory Brooch in the hair Style it up with a brooch like Sandra Bullock

For someone who has lots of neutrals in the wardrobe, we will definitely be trying one of these ideas.

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Happy styling x