Want to have an impressive personal style? Here is what you need to do.

Find your signature style

Want to have an impressive personal style? Here is what you need to do.

Posted by imageandme in Corporate Style, Style For Men 27 Dec 2013

What is common to all men who understand style and are recognised for their own?

A well defined signature look.

A signature style is not about trends.

It is the confidence that shows when you know which style works best for you and wearing it consistently. Most often the word ‘consistency’ always raises this questions by most, ‘ isn’t that boring ?’

But style savvy men know that it is by clearly and consistently displaying your individual style, through the balance between quality of the clothing and the details incorporated, that you can create a distinctive personal style.

In today’s fast paced world when you want to make your mark as early as possible, having your own signature style can be an advantage.

How to get started on crafting your signature look?

Begin by asking basic questions about what kind of image you would like to project. With the few keywords in mind explore how you can project these characteristics. Give some thought to colour combinations, textures and fabrics. Learn how these can work for you.

For example: You want to look ‘ professional, successful, reliable?’

The right combination of colours and contrast levels can help you look professional. To appear successful, it is the quality of your clothing that will help to create that impression. You can appear ‘reliable’ if people can match your words to how you appear and they look for these signs in your image and your other non-verbal communications.

Our advise to men in Singapore, who are afraid to explore fashion and style, in case they get it wrong, is that you should take your time to start studying the personal styles of stylish men who you admire. Look in the details that appear consistently. The signature detail need only be a subtle one but it has to be differentiating, personalised and effective in making that lasting impression.

Below are examples of 3 men who are recognised for their signature looks:

1. Watch over cuff- one of the many signature styles sported by Gianni Agnelli

Signature styles of stylish men


2. Reverse collar shirt – Jack Dorsey’s signature look

Jack Dorsey signature style


3. Long scarf – part of artist Lucien Freud personal style.

Signature look of stylish men

Finally, don’t be afraid to break the conventional rules but don’t forget to make some of your own to suit your personal and professional image.

Wish you a Happy New Year and an enhanced personal style to suit your goals in 2014.