How to find swimwear to suit your shape?


How to find swimwear to suit your shape?

Posted by imageandme in Style For Women 13 Oct 2013

We know that choosing the right design details can help you enhance or camouflage those parts of your body that you don’t feel so confident about. Here are some swim wear designs that can work best for your body shape.

1. Halter neck top works best:

Swimwear for your body shape

if you have wide shoulders and average to small bust or if you would like to bring the focus to your bust

2. Skinny to thin shoulder strap:

swim suit for your shape

suits best if you have slim shoulders .

3. Wide shoulder straps:

swim suit for your body shape

if you have heavy shoulders and bust. (Its all about matching the scale. Wearing thin straps on heavy shoulder will only bring the attention to the heaviness )

4. Strapless:

Strapless top for your body type

if you want to highlight your bust. Suitable for small to average size bust, good with underwire to avoid flattening the chest.

5. Look for one-piece with ruching or pattern

swim suit styles for real women

if you have a straight waist and need to define your waist. The detail creates an illusion of a shapely waist.

6. Wear a one-piece in a dark colour

swimwear one piece

for an overall slimming effect

7. Wear a high waist bottom.

swimwear hi cut

if you carry a little weight on your tummy. For heavy tummy, its best to go with the one-piece, dark colour option.

8. Wear a bottom cut higher on the leg or with thinner straps on bottom

swimwear full cut

if you have shorter legs than your upper body

Mix and match these options to find the best solution that creates a balanced look and helps you achieve the well-proportioned hour-glass shape.

Enjoy the pool in perfect style

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By Maninder Krishnan