How-to: Dress like Blake Lively

Stylish image of Blake Lively

How-to: Dress like Blake Lively

Posted by imageandme in Style For Women 15 Oct 2013

Many of us, based on all the feedback we get at Image & Me, love Blake Lively’s easy going style.

What are the key elements of her personal style?

1. Skinny jeans and dressy tops


2.When wearing obvious, prints and patterns, go minimum on accessories. Its all about the dress, shoes in a complimentary colour or a single piece of jewelry to balance the look.

dress like Blake lively

3. Bold colours with minimum jewelry, neutral shades for shoes

Blake lively stylish image

4. Accessories – Necklace, handbags, shoes, scarves, always with neutral outfits, to add accent.

Blake Lively accessories

5. Outfits with textures ( glitter, shimmer, sheer fabrics) in deep shades.

blake sheer and prints

Conclusion: A romantic dresser, Blake’s image is feminine, fun, chic with a great balance between the outfit and accessories. If the outfit is bold in colour, texture, prints or patterns, then accessories are kept to the minimum and if the outfit is neutral and plain then accessories are used to lift the look and make it dressy.

Easy ?!

Happy reading

By Maninder Krishnan