How to care for your clothes?


How to care for your clothes?

Posted by imageandme in Style For Men 13 Oct 2013

We invest enough time and money into buying clothes, to make sure that our investments last long and we can get decent number of wears out of each piece.

Below are some tips on how to care for your clothes:

Care for your clothes

Suits: storing in suit bags protects it from insects and dust. Hang dry-cleaned suits on proper wooden hangers rather than wire hangers. Brushing regularly to remove lint will keep the moths away. Store out-of-season suits in air tight bags. Life expectancy: increased by 5 years.

Ties: last longer when they are stored rolled rather than hanging in the wardrobe. Life expectancy: increased by 5 years

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Shirts: last longer when hand ironed rather than dry-cleaned and machine pressed. Life expectancy: increased by 2 years

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Shoes: when allowed to breathe and return back to original shape between wears last longer. Wear one pair not more than twice a week and use shoe trees in the hour or two after removing your shoes, this will help bring them back to original shape. Life expectancy: increased by 20 years.

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Take care.

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