How to wear checks ?


How to wear checks ?

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The check pattern or Gingham, the fabric pattern commonly associated with tablecloths, napkins and aprons, has in fact a very interesting history and has been so popular over the centuries that many countries have laid claim to have its origins in their own textile industry.

Origin of ‘Gingham’: The word Gingham originated first in Malaysia! ‘Genggang’, meaning stripes, is the word that Gingham is believed to be derived from.

Design: Gingham was originally several stripes woven together in cotton or linen fabric. Later the fabric was seen with checks and plaids.

Fabric type: The fabric itself is medium to light weight and breathable which makes it easy to wear in summer.

Use: This versatile and affordable fabric lends itself over the centuries to various purposes. It has been used to make children’s toys and women’s summer dresses. Even Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn and Brigitte Bardot have been seen in Gingham.

Audrey wearing Gingham

Gingham for men: This vibrantly coloured, checkered fabric became extremely popular in the 60s when the young, stylish men were looking for fresh and modern looks.

Not just a look for Dororthy (Wizard of Oz) and Marilyn, even Mr.Bond has worn a pink and white gingham shirt. In 1963 Sean Connery stylishly wore this shirt with swimming trunks in Thunderball.


Here are few ideas on how to make interesting combinations in Gingham style:

Match the bold colours of the Gingham with a neutral colour. Also, combine contrasting patterns like Herringbone or stripes.

Gingham shirt with Jacket

Match a light coloured summer shirt with a stronger coloured trouser. The light colour and light fabric is perfect to beat the Singapore heat. Tan belt and shoes will complete the summer look.

check shirt

Combine the visual pattern (checked shirt) with a tactile pattern (knit silk tie). Solid colour ties are a good match.

gingham-shirt with tie

When pairing checks with checks or any two patterns for that matter, combine different pattern sizes. Below small checks of the shirt are combined with bigger checks ( called Windowpane) of the jacket.

check shirt 5

In Singapore : Shop for this pattern in a variety of combinations and colours at Tommy Hilfiger.

Get creative and do Gingham style.