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How-to: Dress like Blake Lively

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Many of us, based on all the feedback we get at Image and me, love Blake Lively’s easy going style.  What are the main elements of her style?  Skinny jeans and dressy tops         When wearing obvious,  prints and patterns, go minimum on accessories. Its all about the dress,  shoes in a complimentary colour or a single piece of jewelery to balance the look.             &nb…

How to find swimwear to suit your shape?

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Summer is at its peak and we would like to share some ideas to help you make a confident style statement by the pool. We know that choosing the right design details can help you enhance or camouflage those parts of your body that you don’t feel so confident about. Halter neck top works best:                               &n…

How to find the perfect dress?

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What makes a dress perfect? According to a survey conducted by Debenhams, this is what the perfect dress would look like. Elements of this perfect dress: Capped sleeves, conservative neckline, right length, high quality stretchable fabric and is machine washable                                       &nbs…

How to recycle your clothes?

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 Recreate, reuse, reconstruct!  Inspired by Gok Wan’s Fashion fix, this blog is all about thinking out of the box. Gok Wan repeatedly works out different ways of wearing a top or a dress and creates many different looks and of course his creatively styled high street clothes always win the challenge against the expensive designer brands, in the fashion face off section of the program.

How to find comfortable heels?

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…..well, comfortable to some extent, because our ongoing quest to find heels comfortable enough to walk in for hours, has led to one conclusion; there are no entirely comfortable heels that will give that walking-on-air feeling for several hours at a stretch.                                       …

4 reasons to include trendy horizontal stripes into your wardrobe

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Lately horizontal stripes are everywhere and it surely is very tempting to buy a top in colours that you love but then the horizontal stripes stare back at you and you give up the idea. It is common knowledge that horizontal stripes make you look wide and really who wants to look wide! Now, here are 4 reasons to stop running away from horizontal stripes and welcome them as a chic addition into your wardrobe.