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Style tips from the Italian riviera for the Singapore sun

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Italian men are known for their flamboyant style. The artful balance of careful coordination with a nonchalant grace is characteristic of the Italian style and we spent the last two weeks observing the style Italiano on the Riviera. Observations ? Considering the warm and sunny weather of Singapore, men’s clothing style in Singapore can easily translate the key elements of the Riviera style into their casual and smart casual wardrobe. Here are a few ways to do it: 1. Ditch the loose, baggy polo ts that you have been loving so much for their ease and comfort. Polo ts are great but now its time to get the ones that fit you well. Do away with the ones that have sleeves ending at the elbow ! The Polo ts that look smart are the ones that are in great quality cotton, with short sleeves, the ones that end in the middle of the upper arm. Anything longer than that is too old (unless of course you are going for that look). 2. Nothing describes the Riviera style more than the Breton stripes. A classic item that has been sported by the likes of Picasso, James Dean and Jean-Paul Gautier, make this…