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Style inspiration for the nerd-hipster

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First, who are our ‘nerd-hipsters’?? Well that would be all those executives in the technology start-up companies who are aware that their visual image is a part of their personal brand and hence are interested in refining their personal style. In Singapore, most work places have a relaxed formality level of clothing, especially technology companies and if you are working at an IT company, most probably you seldom have to wear suits and ties. The wardrobe of an IT executive then ends up having chinos, jeans and polo t-shirts. So here is our style inspiration for these guys from the recent movie ‘ Her’ and its geekily charming lead played by Joaquin Phoenix. The story of ‘Her’ is set in the near future and the costumes are retro-futuristic. The colour combinations, the design details all work together to create a look that is very cool . The highlights of the look: 1. The most noticeable style detail in this film’s costumes were the high-waisted pants that have since become very popular. High waist combined with a tailored slim leg gives a very modern twist on the retro high-waisted pants. Adopt this trend if you have a average to long upper body.  …

Style update for men: 5 different ways to wear blue in 2014

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Every man has at least two to three shades of blue in his wardrobe. While navy blue is an obvious choice for suits and trousers, light blue is an easy colour to pick for shirts. Since blue is such a favorite and the colour for spring-summer 2014, we give you 5 new ways of incorporating blue into your wardrobe to update your collection: 1. Try a different shade of blue instead of the plain navy. The intensity of a medium shade of blue is same as of light grey and hence carries the same formality level. Combine with a pale blue shirt and a dark navy tie and you are dressed to project a professional image that is approachable and friendly.   2. Go for patterns instead of plains: Plain navy is a no brainer. Make a bold statement and include a navy suit/ trouser with windowpane or stripes into your collection.   3. Try different colour combinations: Experiment with colour combinations and match your blue suit or trouser with colours like beige, bold pink, olive green etc.   4. Ditch the navy blazer: A navy blazer is a classic piece to have in your wardrobe. But update this classic…

Want to have an impressive personal style? Here is what you need to do.

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What is common to all men who understand style and are recognised for their own? A well defined signature look. A signature style is not about trends. It is the confidence that shows when you know which style works best for you and wearing it consistently. Most often the word ‘consistency’ always raises this questions by most, ‘ isn’t that boring ?’ But style savvy men know that it is by clearly and consistently displaying your individual style, through the balance between quality of the clothing and the details incorporated, that you can create a distinctive personal style. In today’s fast paced world when you want to make your mark as early as possible, having your own signature style can be an advantage. How to get started on crafting your signature look? Begin by asking basic questions about what kind of image you would like to project. With the few keywords in mind explore how you can project these characteristics. Give some thought to colour combinations, textures and fabrics. Learn how these can work for you. For example: You want to look ‘ professional, successful, reliable?’ The right combination of colours and contrast levels can help you look professional. To…

How to care for your clothes?

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by Maninder krishnan       Suits: storing in suit bags protects it from insects and dust. Hang dry-cleaned suits on proper wooden hangers rather than wire hangers. Brushing regularly to remove lint will keep the moths away.

What is the proper trouser length for men ?

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How long you wear your trousers, is a matter of personal preference totally. For those in slightly more creative field or following very casual level of dressing formality at work, wearing your trousers 4 inches above your shoe can be your personal style statement. For those in the more conservative or traditional, that is to say, following business formal or business casual dressing, wearing the trouser at the right length is important for your overall balanced look.

What is your style?

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Since women have so many dressing options, we discuss more about how they can be one of the 5 style personalities. And it works the same for men. They might only have shirts, t-shirts and different styles of trousers to choose from, they still fall into 4 main style personalities.

How to wear checks ?

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Gingham, the fabric commonly associated with tablecloths, napkins and aprons, has in fact a very interesting history and has been so popular over the centuries that many countries have laid claim to have its origins in their own textile industry.  Origin of ‘Gingham’: The word Gingham originated first in Malaysia! ‘Genggang’, meaning stripes, is the word that Gingham is believed to be derived from.    Design: Gingham was originally several stripes woven together in cotton or linen…