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Trend 2014 – How to wear metallics

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We love metallics. Add a metallic detail in any form to your look and you take the look from ordinary to luxe. As the metallic trend continues in 2014, here are some ideas on how you can wear metallics. 1. Don’t be afraid to wear it in the day. Pair metallic with denim. Below is an example of a skirt with design details woven in metallic thread paired with a denim shirt for a stylish casual look. Team this with a black or navy bag with gold buckles and keep the footwear simple. 2. For a bolder day look, go for a completely metallic skirt in jacquard with a t-shirt top. Yes it works and the combination of different textures makes the look very interesting.   3. Match a metallic patterned trouser with a simple black top. Very chic.   4. Use metal accessories to elevate the effect of neutrals. Pair shiny gold or silver with black, whites, grey or beige and see the outfit come to life.   Below are some style ideas of how celebrities have done metallics in the past: Bold metallics worn by Elle Macpherson (note the gold accessories paired with the silver) and Nicole Richie…

Want to have an impressive personal style? Here is what you need to do.

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What is common to all men who understand style and are recognised for their own? A well defined signature look. A signature style is not about trends. It is the confidence that shows when you know which style works best for you and wearing it consistently. Most often the word ‘consistency’ always raises this questions by most, ‘ isn’t that boring ?’ But style savvy men know that it is by clearly and consistently displaying your individual style, through the balance between quality of the clothing and the details incorporated, that you can create a distinctive personal style. In today’s fast paced world when you want to make your mark as early as possible, having your own signature style can be an advantage. How to get started on crafting your signature look? Begin by asking basic questions about what kind of image you would like to project. With the few keywords in mind explore how you can project these characteristics. Give some thought to colour combinations, textures and fabrics. Learn how these can work for you. For example: You want to look ‘ professional, successful, reliable?’ The right combination of colours and contrast levels can help you look professional. To…

Hairstyle ideas for Xmas and New Year

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As promised, here are some hairstyle ideas for you to try this party season. Click on the images to find out how to create these hairstyles yourself. 1. Style your hair into a stylish 60’s ponytail. Do make sure that you create that volume at the crown. You can choose to wear it neat or create some texture for a stylishly messy look. 2. Wear your hair in a braided bun. Have a look at how Christina from hair Romance does it and besides this she has many tutorials for easy hair up dos. 3. This hairstyle may look complicated but is so easy to do. 4. Have short hair? You can put your hair up too, no problem. Here is how: Add some accessories to these hairstyles and you are all set to make a fashionable hair style statement. For ideas on accessorizing, read here. Enjoy your holidays. Merry Xmas.

Make-up looks to try this party season

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Planning your look for the party season? You might have given a lot of thought to what you would like to wear, here are some ideas of make-up looks that you can try to match the mood. 1. Try a glitter liner just above your black eyeliner to add some sparkle.   2. Try glitter eye shadow for a combination of smokey and sparkle. For a very bold statement, try glitter eye shadow with diamante eyelashes, like Katy Perry. 3. If glitter is not something you feel so comfortable with then go for a little sheen with , right at the corner of your eyes to make them brighter and lift the look to match your party outfit. See it here on Blake Lively and Olivia Wilde.   4. If heavy make-up does not work for your eyes, highlight your lips. Play it up by lightening up the eyes and adding a strong dark colour to the lips. This look works better for those with fuller lips. A strong lip colour in a maroon or deep red works both for women with dark or light hair colour. See it below like Camille Belle and Emma Stone. Shop in…

How to wear a brooch like a celebrity

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In our last post we mentioned style icon Wallis Simpson’s stylish accessory – a statement brooch. Everyone is doing the statement necklace or the statement ring. Differentiate your style and make a statement with a brooch. Why not ! These celebrities are doing it and doing it really well. Besides wearing a brooch on the lapel of a jacket or a plain top, here are some fun alternatives to use this jewelry in a trendy way: 1. Dress up the neckline of a top or a dress like Blake Lively who wears a whimsical brooch to suit her whimsical personal style. 2. Glam up the back of a halter top or dress like Nicole Kidman did in this creative way. 3. We really love the way Anne Faris adds an interesting brooch detail at the back of the dress, creating a trendy outfit. 4. With some color and texture, Sarah Jessica adds fun to her chic style, in this combination. 5. This party season, whether you are going for simple elegance or a glamorous look, try incorporating a brooch into your hairstyle. For someone who has lots of neutrals in the wardrobe, we will definitely be trying one of these…

Bold, chic, polished and elegant image of Wallis Simpson

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Madonna’s W.E releases sometime next month,  it is the story of Wallis Simpson and based on the reviews, the looks of  the fashion world’s most famous style icon’s  has been brilliantly recreated. “She may not have been the most beautiful woman in the world, but she could make up for it by being the best dressed” Anne Sebba.   That Woman: A life of Wallis Simpson, Duchess of Windsor by Anne Sebba (Weidenfeld and Nicolson)          …

How to Look Hot Like Andrea Corr

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Recently spotted wearing a black chiffon minidress walking along the streets of London was Irish singer Andrea Corr of pop rock group The Corrs. The gothic glamour girl looked stunning even with a baby bump, which made women envy her more. At the age of 39, people often wonder how she keeps her youthful look and savvy style. Corr was once voted as the “most beautiful woman in the world”, but she thinks otherwise. She said in an interview with The Guardian, “Though I don’t love every single part of me, there is nothing I would change.Things like Botox and fillers belittle who you are. If I did that to myself, I would be saying that the best part of me is what I look like, and I don’t want to believe that. As time goes on, it’s hard not being as beautiful, and I’m sure it will get harder, but if I was to focus on that, I would lose the plot.” Hearing those inspiring words from Andrea Corr is an eye-opener to many women who worry about aging. With the right attitude, you can also look hot paired with the right clothes. Here are some tips on how you can…

Image & Me’s: Top 5 Styling Tips

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In a recent collaboration with Inverted Edge, we were asked to list down our top 5 styling tips. Here is what we shared with them and share with all our clients who are looking to build their personal style. 1. Know your ‘ style personality’: We can’t insist on this enough. Your style personality is the style that you are most comfortable and confident with. The key to recognizing your style personality is being able to articulate what you think is stylish. What are the design details you like, do you prefer structured shapes or unstructured looks, do you like patterns and prints and if you do then how much are you comfortable with ? How many accessories are you happy to wear and what kind – classic pieces or statement necklaces or accessories made out of unconventional materials? Build your style vocabulary by answering these questions and it will help you build your personal style. 2. Build your wardrobe with quality items or the best you can afford. Cheap fabrics and fast fashion only lasts for so long and in the long run you end up spending more money buying cheap clothes versus investing in quality items. 3. Use accessories to convey your unique…

Tips to Rock the Palazzo

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The Palazzo pants are making a big comeback this season. During my last shopping trip for a client, I was glad to see this trouser style in quite a few stores around Singapore, as I knew it would suit my client’s curvy and tall figure best. Does the Palazzo work for your shape and how can you wear to achieve that chic 70’s stylish silhouette?