4 modern ideas for classic hairstyles

Easy hair style ideas

4 modern ideas for classic hairstyles

Posted by imageandme in Style For Women 10 Mar 2014

While its just easy to put your hair up in a bun or ponytail, with just a little bit of twists, pins and texture, you can convert classic looks into unconventionally cool styles.

Here are our top 4 tips to modernise classic hairstyles:

1. Half -up half-down:

Hair style ideas


A simple overlapping technique makes a simple half-up hairstyle more interesting and fun. Learn here how to create this look.


Half up half down Hair style ideas


The same half – up hair can also be then taken up to create a full updo. Here is how you can do it.




Seen on the Rachel Zoe runway, this deconstructed braid is modern, trendy and very chic. While the look is messy, it takes a little bit of practice and patience to get the right kind of texturising to make this look cool. Combined with clean outfit silhouettes, this look can add glamour to your image. How to create this look ? Read more here


Hair style ideas


Super easy to do, this quirky hairstyle combines the french braid and bun into a style that is nothing short of chic. Here are two versions of the same style that you can experiment with.

Our image consultant’s tip: With the runways sporting messy, textured and flowing tresses, the focus is on effortless and hassle-free styling. As long as free-flowing flyways and bed-hair is in trend, don’t be afraid to wear these styles with confidence.