June 2015


Style how-to: Printed skirts

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Matching plain bottoms to printed tops is often easier than doing it the other way around. Printed skirts, especially with lovely bright floral prints, make quite a statement and for that reason many of us limit ourselves to matching them with plain simple styles of tops in white, black or a neutral for fear of not doing it right. However, we want you to enjoy bright patterns this summer. Here are some ideas on what to match your printed skirts with: Idea 1: Match them with striped tops. Always works. Idea 2: Match them with sweatshirts. Elegant and practical for cold, air conditioned indoors in Singapore. Idea 3: Match them with crop tops. They are cute and trendy. Idea 4: Match them with graphic t-shirts. Cool ! Idea 5: Match them with a denim shirt. Can’t go wrong. Some more tips to pick the right skirt: 1. Avoid patterns that are too big for your bodytype (unless you love the drama of loud patterns). 2. Watch out for gathers or open pleats at areas that you don’t attention on. Closely gathered waistband adds volume, which might not be what you want if your tummy is your area of concern. For more advice on which patterns, prints, colours and styles…

Colour combinations that rock !

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We equate the pleasure of creating new colour combinations to retail therapy. It never fails to energise. There are possibilities hiding within your wardrobe and we want to inspire you with some ideas that are modern, trendy and definitely refreshing. Match these colours in any shades and it will always work. Refresh the pink: Try fuchsia with burgundy (we love it!), pink with peach, pink with red.        Refresh the grey: Try Grey with green, Grey with copper or grey with mint    Refresh the blue: Try baby blue with purple, navy blue with mustard, dark blue with teal.    Looking for more ideas? Here is a colour combination chart we found on alldaychic.com Do visit our colour combination board here on pinterest, for more ideas of colours combined to create stylish looks. If you would like to find out particularly which colours work best for your skintone or need help to create new combinations in your existing wardrobe, contact us anytime.