August 2014


How can you get the hairstylist to give you a good haircut?

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You visit a new hairstylist, strongly recommended by your best friend. You are welcomed into the salon and escorted upto the styling chair where you are met by the artist who you are hoping will be able to give you that special cut that will make you look different, feel good and always makes you look fabulous. After 2 hours of washing, cutting and blowing you walk out of the salon, feeling more or less happy. The next morning … reality strikes ! Your hair has again developed a mind of its own and is doing its own thing, which is very different from what it did yesterday. This cycle has to stop ! What can you do? Here are the guidelines: 1. Before surrendering yourself right into the stylist’s hands and hoping for the best, book a consultation, time before the hairstylist actually cuts your hair. The consultation is for the hairstylist to understand your needs better and for you to understand whether what the hairstylist is suggesting really will work for your lifestyle and personal style. 2. Share your daily routine to explain your lifestyle. Inform the stylist, whether you are a working professional, a busy mother or both. How…

Men’s shoes: How many should you have?

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Men’s shoe styles are almost just as varied as women’s since there are different models to suit different occasions. Do you have classic oxfords for business formals, loafers for smart casual, sneakers or sandals for casual wear? The styles are varied and dress codes often need to be taken into consideration. Shoes are the foundation of your look and to convey your sense of personal style, it is important that your shoe collection is not simply limited to two pairs, one for indoors and the other for outdoors ! The basic shoe wardrobe should include the following: 1 pair of business formal oxford lace-ups 1 pair of business casual chestnut brown wing tips 1 pair of loafers, especially if you are required to take your shoes off when visiting asian homes and office ( like in taiwan). While these can be worn for business casual occasions, their level of fomality is less than formal. 1 pair of classic casual sneakers. A must have for every stylish guys wardrobe. Sneakers come in a range of colours, styles and materials and, just as a classic pair of jeans, are a personal style statement. 1 pair of sports shoes 1 pair of stylish slippers for…