March 2014


Men’s Style: Better shorts guide

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If shorts are a preferred article of clothing for casual wear in Singapore, then men have to make sure that they find styles , fit and lengths that look good and fit well. Here is a guide we found online:   Our image consultant’s tip: It may be hard to think of anything else but the comfy cargo shorts for relaxed casual look, but its important to think about how it suits your body type. To sum it up in these words of Alan Flusser, the author of Dressing the Man, ‘ Proportion is the foundation of all classic dressing. The truly stylish man knows enough about the rules to know how and when to break them.’

Dress code etiquette for professionals

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Excerpts from Etiquette 101 by Conde nast traveller to highlight dress code etiquette in countries around the world. We share here dress code etiquette for professional dressing around Asia. the article was written in 2009, but these dress codes still hold true. ‘ASIA You’ll need a myriad of outfit options for a transcontinental Asian trek. Miniskirts and monochrome black are safe bets from Jakarta to Japan, but women in India and Pakistan cover their legs and sport vibrant, rich hues. In fact, very few styles would work in every country: Flip-flops, for instance, are trendy in Singapore, verboten in China, and, in Indonesia, acceptable only for shower wear. Here’s how to prep before you pack. CHINA At a meeting: Twenty years ago, “Chinese fashion” meant dark Mao pantsuit uniforms; today, work clothes are still homogenous suits and ties, even on the hottest summer days. Businesswomen go without makeup and jewelry, and everyone shies away from conspicuous consumption to show they’re focused on the business at hand. INDIA At a meeting: Hillary Clinton, you’re in luck—pantsuits are okay anywhere on the Indian Subcontinent; choose cotton or linen in summer, and accessorize with a colored scarf or dangly earrings to keep up with vividly…

Style difference: Understanding style in two fashion capitals

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While both French and Milanese women are known for their sense of fashion, there is a distinct difference in their looks. We would like to share this little write up we found in a Conde Nast Traveller dress code etiquette series: ‘A TALE OF TWO CITIES Can anyone really not call Paris and Milan the fashion capitals of the world? After all, one is home to Chanel and Dior, the other to Prada and Armani. But how can you tell your Milanese hipster from your Parisian sylph? We asked Scott Schuman, the mastermind behind the popular fashion blog The Sartorialist, for some clues (his book,The Sartorialist, was released in August) Milan Hair should be up. “The Milanese girl wears whatever’s on trend in a sexy, overt way. She doesn’t do anything vintage or sporty.” Must be a colorful print. “The overall effect is resilient and formal. She’s not one to mess around.” “Milanese girls’ style is set: all Italian, all big brands, all off the runway. She loves D&G. Prada’s too intellectual, Marni’s too quirky.” Skin should be tanned. “Shoes must be high to show off her legs.” Paris Hair must be mussed. “Unlike the Milanese girl, she’s not brand obsessed:…

How to wear your t-shirt like a celebrity

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T-shirts are a wardrobe essential. Every woman should have some in neutral colours. They are easy to match and throw on every time you need to run your daily chores. We all know how to pair them jeans and shorts so well that its what we do without thinking too much. T-shirts however can be your wardrobe staple that can help you define your personal image if they are good quality and styled well. Here are 5 different ways you can wear your t-shirt like a celebrity: 1. Glam it up like Alexa Chung, tucked into a sequin skirt that is long or short, which ever suits your body type.   2. A graphic tee styled with a printed full skirt worn like Poppy Delevingne. Roll up your sleeves, get a stylish modern twists and braids updo , put on your sexy heels and you are ready wear this look from morning to evening.   3. Tuck it in like Olivia Wilde. There is no other way to wear a loose long t-shirt more stylishly than tucking it in casually rocker style. Show off the curves, without having a t-shirt clinging to you.     5. Pair up a fun graphic tee with…

Style inspiration for the nerd-hipster

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First, who are our ‘nerd-hipsters’?? Well that would be all those executives in the technology start-up companies who are aware that their visual image is a part of their personal brand and hence are interested in refining their personal style. In Singapore, most work places have a relaxed formality level of clothing, especially technology companies and if you are working at an IT company, most probably you seldom have to wear suits and ties. The wardrobe of an IT executive then ends up having chinos, jeans and polo t-shirts. So here is our style inspiration for these guys from the recent movie ‘ Her’ and its geekily charming lead played by Joaquin Phoenix. The story of ‘Her’ is set in the near future and the costumes are retro-futuristic. The colour combinations, the design details all work together to create a look that is very cool . The highlights of the look: 1. The most noticeable style detail in this film’s costumes were the high-waisted pants that have since become very popular. High waist combined with a tailored slim leg gives a very modern twist on the retro high-waisted pants. Adopt this trend if you have a average to long upper body.  …

4 modern ideas for classic hairstyles

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While its just easy to put your hair up in a bun or ponytail, with just a little bit of twists, pins and texture, you can convert classic looks into unconventionally cool styles. Here are our top 4 tips to modernise classic hairstyles: 1. Half -up half-down:   A simple overlapping technique makes a simple half-up hairstyle more interesting and fun. Learn here how to create this look. 2.   The same half – up hair can also be then taken up to create a full updo. Here is how you can do it. 3.   Seen on the Rachel Zoe runway, this deconstructed braid is modern, trendy and very chic. While the look is messy, it takes a little bit of practice and patience to get the right kind of texturising to make this look cool. Combined with clean outfit silhouettes, this look can add glamour to your image. How to create this look ? Read more here 4.   Super easy to do, this quirky hairstyle combines the french braid and bun into a style that is nothing short of chic. Here are two versions of the same style that you can experiment with. Our image consultant’s…