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Trendy and comfortable! Why not try these shoes ?

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While in Milan earlier this month, we saw stylish Milanese women sporting a variety of sporty shoes from cool sneakers to loafers to ankle boots, all of these, of course, flat or with a little bit of heel. The most chic of them all was a style that not many women consider wearing, mostly being unsure about its formality level and right combinations. We are talking about the Oxfords! Traditionally, oxfords are plain leather shoes with closed lacing considered suitable mostly for the most formal occasions. Oxfords now are however seen in variety of materials like calf leather, patent, suede or canvas. (The Oxfords with perforations forming a pattern are known as brogues.) Oxfords are not only the guy’s shoes but extremely popular with women too. In Singapore, you will see this shoe worn mostly by men, especially for work wear. But these are not just men’s shoes and not just for the ‘creative types’. With women complaining about the discomfort of heels, the oxfords are classic and comfortable, hence can be a great addition to your wardrobe. We show you different ways of pairing the oxfords: 1. For work, enhance your professional image by pairing these with straight or tapered skirt or pair it with tapered or…